Our family business is aimed at the export and domestic sale of frozen seafood products. We are experts in processing raw materials to finished products in all the internationally known frozen formats and development of technical data sheets at the customer’s request.


We have highly qualified professionals in frozen food processing for the supervision and development of any product using all international standards under quality assurance programs implemented in accordance to the principles of risk analysis and HACCP critical point control.

From the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, we mount activities throughout Chile having products to develop annual programs handling important volumes of raw materials for their process. We take care of the purchase of raw materials on the beach by supervising the entire production line until obtaining the finished product and dispatch of the FCL to its destination, sales FOB and CFR.


SERMAR CHILE offers to export premium quality products to any place in the world, as the process plants we use are certified and properly categorized We serve foreign companies that are buying third party products in Chile, from inspection and certification of purchases of their products. We coordinate air, sea or land cargo handling all the documentation for each shipment.

Los Claveles,  Huertos Familiares

San Pedro de La Paz - Concepción - Chile.

Fono: +56 9 67333199